Before the digging begins…

Today I took the final set of photos of the block before the earthworks change it forever. For the past six years we have watched it through all seasons and photographed it in all seasons.

Trying to imagine it dug up with trenches and brown soil everywhere is a bit daunting so I thought we would enjoy the unblemished landscape one last time.




These two views look east and south. The east view will be what we wake to each morning and the south view will be what the person at the kitchen sink can gaze at while washing up.


The western mountains will greet Greg each morning as he starts work in his office and my studio will have a peek of them also.


Through two large double glazed windows the northern sun will shine in winter. In summer the view will stay the same but no sun will enter the house. This aspect includes the road, neighbours and the driveway and one day will be filled with trees and plants.

The view to the south is by far and away the best and thus the need to include it in all the planning in a way that doesn’t compromise the orientation and solar passive design.

Tomorrow we tell council we will begin on Monday and pay another fee for the pleasure of doing so!

Next time the photos will be a little different…..


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