Tradesmen and Dyslexic Musicians Untie

The past week and a half has been full of new experiences. Dirt, concrete, music, people and a certain amount of chaos.

Andrew and Andrew (gracious of them to have the same name allowing for my addled brain) spent several days this week in the glorious Autumn weather setting everything up for the ‘Big Pour’. Matt and Mackenzie spent a morning setting up the plumbing for the ‘Big Pour’ and Colin organised the electrical elements for the same. The first council inspection completed.

The next job was the Shed concrete pour. Andrew and Andrew worked on it most of Thursday.

Birthday celebrations for Chris, toasting Lucy and Mischa for all the hard work they have done clearing their block and a welcome to the valley.

A house full of people, music, building, digging, cooking, baking, rehearsing, working, shopping, driving and doing dishes! (Thanks Pat).

Chris, Holly, Grace, Lucy, Mischa, Monique and Pat have all headed off for the National Folk Festival In Canberra.

It’s quiet now.

Next week the ‘Big Pour’!


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