The Big Pour and the First Mud Bricks.

In an article on the best weather to pour a slab, The Canberra Times recommended that the temperature be no greater than 30 degrees and the less wind the better. Thursday of last week dawned warm and got warmer  and settled at 33 degrees for most of the day  and the wind developed during the morning from a gentle breeze to a fine old bluster! But the concrete had been ordered and the first truck was on his way down the mountain so pour we did!

It was hot, tiring, often frustrating and physically demanding work. I am glad my only task was to keep a record of the event. Andrew worked really hard to prevent small cracks due to the hot wind drying the surface of the slab too quickly. Our job over the next few days was to make sure the black plastic stayed securely covering the slab and applying water when needed. The hot, windy weather continued for several days.

Monday of this week we welcomed Grant and Paul and their mud brick making machine onto the block. The bricks are mixed from the clay dug out from the trenches and other earthworks. The external bricks have a small percentage of concrete added for extra weather protection but the internal bricks are just the clay. The mix is then put into the shute, Paul directs it into the mold and the bricks pop up and roll along the conveyor belt and Grant stacks them.


The stack grows under the watchful eyes of three small supervisors.


With Robs help the shed is almost completed.

The three small workers also contributed. Morning tea was always a highlight.

By Friday all the mud bricks will be made and the big, noisy machinery side of the build will be over. Next comes timber work for framing, decking and windows.



3 thoughts on “The Big Pour and the First Mud Bricks.

  1. Hello to all at Happy Valley!!!! Surely you must feel so happy at all those gorgeous mudbricks piled up. Well done to the shed builders and the little helpers. Wish I was there with you all to share the joy!

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  2. Wonderful photos to explain the process! Thanks for the progress report, it’s all happening now and once the frames up soon it will even start to look like a house! So brilliant to be able to build sustainably from scratch with your very own son who’s done it before you :0)


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