The beginning of June saw the departure of Uncle Ivan. He and Chris celebrated their achievement by shaking hands over the beams and rafters and performing the obligatory ‘Y’ landing.   DSC_0236

DSC_0237Ivan’s help has been invaluable and made a job Chris thought he would do alone so much easier. Work shared is always better.

June saw the return of Holly after a successful tour with Lucy Wise and Mischa Herman. Unfortunately Holly missed all the hard wood work which she much prefers to roofing. Can’t understand why…..

However, being the good sport that she is, ceilings, plastic and battens were part of Holly’s return to the work site.


june 18f


Based on Ray Trapell’s design Chris and Holly nailed the ceiling boards directly onto the exposed rafters from the top down. This means the finished look is neat and tidy without the need to finish off anywhere. Plastic is tacked and secured under more rafters, then insulation, then the roofing iron.

Greg and I, along with a couple of helpers, painted the pine ceiling boards with whitewash. The effect is subtle and adds a lightness to the heavier timbers.

It is amazing how the perception of space changes with each new stage of the build. The slab was the first piece in the puzzle, then the frame began to define the spaces a bit more. Now the ceiling is up the whole house has taken on a new demeanor.



Then came the plastic….. Hmm.

Plastic, wind, even a slight breeze, the ‘aliens’ (Holly’s name for the nasty sharp little fasteners designed to do fingers and feet damage) and working into the night tested the patience and endurance of everyone. And then Holly and Chris were hit by the dreaded flu bug.




june 18c

But it is all done now. Phew!

On the following windless day, Chris was able to stand aloft to survey their handiwork.

20180611_125526 (2)

Two special people enjoying a well earned cup of tea. Without their dedication and commitment we would not have a house!

20180612_163135 (1)

Meanwhile the valley continues to delight.


Next up: mud brick walls, insulation and a roof.

Can’t wait!


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