Walls and windows…and a bit of roofing

Blog 01

With the ceiling in place – and more-or-less water tight – the end of June was time to get moving on the walls. Render was prepared, and trowels lined up in wait for the bricklayers.

Blog 02.jpg

Having previously contributed to the raising of the storage shed, Robin returned to lay some bricks and take over the Great Brick Saw.

Blog 03.jpg

Claudia also called in for a few days to help with the walls. Wire-mesh re-enforcing was laid between several courses of bricks.

Blog 04.jpg

Serious teamwork and attention to detail from everyone saw the walls rise quickly.

Blog 05.jpg

It was also time to start planning colour schemes for doors and window-frames. Artist-in-Residence Claudia was able to provide Margaret with some advice.

Blog 06.jpg

Meanwhile Lorraine took on the exciting task of preparing doors for future painting. Someone had to do it.

Blog 07.jpg

Although the region is in need of rain, the fine, sunny Winter days enabled building to progress quickly. Peter came to construct window frames and help install windows.



July was time for Chris and Holly to get back onto the roof to install the paper insulation, sisalation and corrugated zincalume roofing.

Blog 09

Blog 10

Blog 11

Windy days forced the abandonment of roofing and a return to the installation of the first windows, which began to define the internal spaces. Chris and Holly also got to work on the door frames, which were being painted in readiness.

Blog 12

Blog 13


Blog 14


Once the wind receded, the roofers ascended to compete the southern roof, which included the installation of skylights.

Blog 15

With Chris and Holly due to drop tools and resume their lives as musicians from 1st August, the pace of worked stepped up from mid-July. Mischa and Lucy came to contribute to the house by bagging the walls.

Blog 16.jpg

Next post we hope to report on work commencing inside the house!

















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