The Builders Return

20181219_152358.jpgTo help speed up the progress of the build, we arranged for another Chris to help out for a few days. Unfortunately, they couldn’t agree on several details, and one of the them departed soon after.


Overhead fans have been installed in the living area and in the main bedroom. Roof windows have been installed to allow more light into the kitchen and Margaret’s studio, and to provide for additional ventilation when required in the warmer months.


The pantry ceiling goes up. Insulation has been used internally to help maintain an even temperature for food storage. The loft can be seen above the pantry, and the entrance to the bathroom at left.


While Chris prepared to tile the pantry floor, Holly attended to the lining. Chris usually wears ear protectors when working to avoid hearing himself think. Holly wears them for exactly the same reason.


Chris waterproofed the non-mudbrick walls of the bathroom with villaboard in preparation to being covered with corrugated iron.

Next came the bathroom ceiling, which provided a few challenges.img_6872

Holly’s ballet lessons finally paid off,


as did Greg’s weight-lifting sessions in the gym.

With the bathroom ceiling and wall linings under control, Chris turned his attention to tiling the floor with slate. Or slating the floor with tiles. Or both.


Several internal walls were awaiting completion, so Holly was back at her favourite brick saw to whip up some noise and dust. Note the use of appropriate safety gear from the neck upwards.


Holly instructed Phoebe in the art of mudbrick laying. Having an eight-foot tall girl from Lancashire to help out for a few weeks was very useful as we did not need to hire additional scaffolding.


The completed wall between Margaret’s studio and Greg’s reading room / library / study.


Chris installs the top plate on the internal wall and the door frame for the reading room / library / study



Chris lays the floor of the loft over the bathroom and pantry.


The loft will be accessible from the main bedroom (at left). Another louvered window will be installed in the end wall for light and ventilation. The black pipe is for the solar water heater.


Outside, the guttering has been installed – soon to be attached to the main tank


Meanwhile, deep-ripping has been undertaken outside in preparation for planting the Autumn garden. Thanks to neighbour Jimmy for the tractor and ripper.



Handy hint for owner builders: These hardwood height-extenders are extremely useful. Holly prefers a Size 10A Ironbark, but see your local sawmiller to get what’s right for you.


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