Living in the ‘muddie’.

Once the mud brick walls were finished, the frames for the gables were nailed in place and the process of measuring, cutting and screwing down the second hand corro began.





Chris and Holly spent quite a while on this ladder adjusting the framing for the skylights. Two builders on a single ladder is still legal in Araluen.IMG_7611


Skilled crafts-people were engaged to fill cavities with wet earth i.e. mud was slapped into holes.WEHF1268

Trenches were dug for rain water pipes to the tank.IMG_7630

Shovels were used at critical places to avoid breaking the existing pipes – usually.  Hmmm!IMG_7649

The final piece in the jigsaw was glued into place. It had been kept in a ‘special place’ from when the posts were notched a little too vigorously resulting in the dislodgement of a tiny but nonetheless visually important wedge of timber. Only those who climb a ladder will ever notice but Chris would know if it wasn’t there – and would not sleep well.IMG_7670

And then began the Big Move….IMG_7703

Still a bit of a work site.IMG_7704

The only real way to transport a fridge in Araluen. Thanks, Red!IMG_7713

Good friends to help and Rob’s painting fits perfectly. Well done, Lorraine!IMG_7714

Chris insisted on putting my loom up. He was right. It would have sat in its boxes if he hadn’t done it….bit like the whole house really.IMG_7788

Trees were planted and the first guests arrived. Thanks Kathleen and Anna!IMG_7876

Dear friends of 37 years! Was great to have you Ken and Shelley!

Greg has the office / reading room he has always wanted,IMG_7994

and he has a beautiful view.IMG_8308

A bathroom.IMG_8003

The only wall big enough to fit another of Rob’s paintings. Eventually it will be on the wall!IMG_8004


A kitchen. Small but very efficient.IMG_7996

Our first House Concert. The builders at their ‘proper jobs’.IMG_8138

Mother’s day. Family and friends.IMG_8425


Aunty Holly!RREC0367

Billie is happy and so are we!IMG_E8592

Its winter now and we have been in the house for five months. It is a delightful space. Warm and cosy, light and airy with views from every window and door.






Details still to finish include trim around doors and windows, painting, lots of gaps to fill and eventually a verandah on the south, paving and pergolas.

Now for the garden……


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