At Last.

So…. many years ago we read our first Earth garden and Grass roots magazines. We grew our first vegies and had our first flock of chooks. We baked our first loaf of bread and I spun my first skein of yarn.

We wanted to build our own mud brick house but the skills needed for that job exceeded the ones we had used for bread and vegies and spinning. We needed land to build on and we didn’t have that.

We compromised for many years living in a white cottage in the countryside then a fibro house in the bush. We kept making bread and growing vegies and spinning wool.

We had four children and they were subject to our efforts at Home Educating.

We went into debt and then out of debt and now we have a piece of land in a valley.

So… our first attempt at building a muddie begins 40 years after deciding we wanted too.


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