Lots to do….

The past few weeks have been busy.

Many trailer trips to purchase second hand carpet, corrugated iron, pavers, Canberra red bricks, a huge solar hot water system and finally the move of everything from the storage unit in town to the garage in the valley. Then more trips for free insulation and a wood stove.

Chris and Holly spent a day felling large trees for the beams and then Lucy and Chris spent more days stripping bark. Lucy’s holidays spent yet again moving her parents possessions from A to B using her muscle power to lift windows and boxes of books. Holly has missed her calling. Truck driving is really her thing. Music is just the side show!

Greg arrived home from overseas to a long day of lifting and maneuvering in a jet lagged state and Richard of the Plains probably wished he had stayed for the Anzac Day service instead of helping his mad friends.

The timbers for the frame arrived and were hoisted off the truck by the strong arm of the young driver. I looked the other way and ignored any issues Health and Safety may have had with the procedure!

The mornings were cool, some with the edge of a frost, the days were still and warm and the trees deepened in their autumn tones.

Then the wind hit and plastic blew hither and yon and the leaves crowded onto the verandah and against the fences.

The big tank arrives this week and rain is forecast for Friday. Good timing. Its been very dry. The valley is still green but the land at the top of the mountain is crisp and parched.

We await the arrival of Half of Team Uncle ( see ‘Chris and Holly Build a House’ blog) and carpenter friend Peter and all round handy man Joh.

A frame and a roof are next.

Walls of bricks drying in the Autumn sun
Put to bed each night in case of rain
Team Awesome
Happy Helpers
Moving the boxes yet again….
Solar hot water collecting
Brick cleaning


Stripping the bark off the White Stringybark poles (man watches woman work)
Man poses ‘doing work’ for photo
Final clean of the trees
Timbers arrive
Framing timbers
Paper insulation and wood stove 
Some Hard Work
Meanwhile the Autumn colours continue in the valley

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